12 Cosmetic Uses for Vaseline

Among other cosmetic uses, vaseline is a great way to fix common hair issues, helping to seal split ends and nourish your hair or end problems with dandruff


Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, is a natural extract that’s been bought for its domestic and cosmetic uses for years.

It doesn’t have a strong smell, and its oily texture adds extra moisture to keep your skin smooth and elastic.

Its emollient properties reduce calluses and help remove any dead skin cells.

Vaseline has also been shown to be useful for repairing capillaries, reducing problems with dry scalp, and sealing split ends.

Indeed, many cosmetics corporations add Vaseline as a base for their creams, makeup, and other beauty treatments.

Fortunately, you can also buy this product by itself, 100% natural and inexpensive, to add to your beauty routine.

Today we want to share 12 ways you can use Vaseline, so don’t hesitate to get started.

Go for it!

1. Lip balm


Instead of buying expensive lip balms or chapstick you can just apply a small amount of Vaseline to keep the skin of your lips soft, silky, and free from dead skin cells.

If you want to get an even better result, mix in a small amount of granulated sugar and use it as an exfoliant.

2. Anti-wrinkle cream

The high content of vitamins A and E in Vaseline can counteract the damaging effects of free radicals and prevent the formation of premature wrinkles. Apply this product to the most sensitive areas using a gentle massage in a downward motion.

It’s important to only use this on areas that are clean and free of all makeup.

Ideally, you should do this every night so it can take effect while you’re sleeping.

3. Treating split ends


The natural oils and vitamins in Vaseline help seal those split ends that make your hair look unattractive.

It restores lost moisture, repairs damage, and helps strengthen the hair strands to prevent hair loss.

Those who have oily hair, however, should avoid using Vaseline as it could worsen that condition.

4. Eyelash treatment

Among its many cosmetic uses, the daily application of a small amount of petroleum jelly can help you maintain strong, long, and full eyelashes.

You can apply it using a cotton swab or a clean mascara brush. Be sure to coat the lashes from the root to the tip.

5. Cuticle cream


Dry, weak cuticles can have negative impacts on the health of your nails.

To resolve this problem, just apply a little Vaseline as a cuticle moisturizer every day.

6. Dry foot ointment

The moisturizing and emollient properties of petroleum jelly can help reduce the presence of calluses and soothe dry feet.

Use it every night before going to bed, and cover your feet with socks to let it act while you’re asleep.

7. Hair removal


The soothing effects of this natural product will relieve irritation or burning after hair removal.

Just apply a thin layer to the tender area using a gentle massage.

8. Dandruff treatment

Those who suffer from dandruff thanks to alterations in the scalp’s natural oil production will find that flaking and itching is reduced with regular use of this product.

Apply it to your scalp before showering, using a gentle massage to ensure it penetrates well.

After a few minutes, rinse with your regular shampoo.

9. Makeup removal


Did you run out of cleanser? Fear not. Just use Vaseline to remove all your makeup and any other impurities built up from the day.

10. A creamy blush

If you’ve run out of blush or don’t have any on hand, mix a little lipstick with Vaseline and apply it to your cheeks.

11. Relieve burns

The emollient and soothing properties of petroleum jelly can help treat superficial burns.

Apply it to affected areas to reduce pain and redness. It’s a good idea to use it every day to prevent scarring.

12. Natural conditioner


One of Vaseline’s major cosmetic uses is that it is great for boosting shine and adding softness to your hair.

Apply it from the middle of the hair shaft to the ends before rinsing.

What do you think of these different cosmetic uses for Vaseline? Give them a try and take care of your appearance without breaking the bank.

You’ll love it!

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